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Clare Solly is a storyteller. A confessed seltzer aficionado, mild coffee fanatic and an ex Californian/assimilated New Yorker for fourteen years, she has had a patchwork quilt of experience on and off stage. 

Clare is a multi-hyphenate and has been performing for over thirty-five years including a couple of Off-Broadway credits and a fancy-schmancy San Tropez nomination. She also occasionally competes in beauty pageants and holds the national title of America's National Elite Natural Queen. For innocent bystanders it's good to know that at any time she could burst into a story or song, sometimes in Shakespearean Iambic Pentameter, while wearing a crown...and will write you a novel while doing it. 

She has been delighted to run The Bechdel Group for over six years, as she truly believes the world needs more meaty roles for women and under represented groups in theater and film.  Clare loves producing contemporary productions with Patrynize Productions like the 2024 NYC Fringe Festival Award winning The Fountain or podcasts like Tales From The Labyrinth.  

Find her on social media @actinglikeclare for theater related posts or on her bookstagram/booktok: @youwontbesolly

Her books can be found on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 

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