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Published Works
Time Turner 2 cover.tiff

The Time Turner:

Amelia was living an average life, and had fallen in love with the man of her dreams: a handsome doctor. Until one day her life is interrupted by a phone call that leads her to an inheritance. Amelia is suddenly thrust back in time, Believing herself to be in a dream, Amelia finds herself entangled with an author. How will she ever get home to the man of her dreams? And does she want to?

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Christmas and Cleats:

The day Dottie finds out the Connecticut museum she runs is closing is the worst day of her life. Add to it that her ex, now a famous baseball player, returns home the same day. Their unspoken feelings make their hardware store reunion anything but nostalgic. But when a roof collapses and historical photos of the museum are found it seems as if Dottie's job could be saved. Can they change the fate of the museum? Can Christmas finally bring Joe and Dottie together?

Save The Last Piece Safe Zone Front Cover.jpg

Save The Last Piece:

When Natalie takes a job as a wedding planner's assistant in NYC, she is excited for the glamour of it all. But when her employer Zella, an in-demand New York City wedding planner, lives up to her reputation of being part Cruella Deville, and part Miranda Priestly, makes Natalie's life miserable and she  experiences crazy brides that demand everything from perfect pyramids of precious perishable wedding favors, she isn't sure if she can take it anymore. Years of trying to prove herself to Zella, Natalie also fights off a poaching planner who wants to date her. After an incident at a wedding, Natalie questions her career choice. Will Natalie stay in a career that mentally defeats her, or will she go back to live her dream?
For fans of The Devil Wears Prada and Say Yes To The Dress.

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